Sport nets - Volleyball Beach

Beach volleyball nets - in accordance with standard EN 1271
Dimensions: length 8,5m, height 1,0m, mesh size 10cm
Lines dimensions: 16x8m, width 5cm

How to use fixing locks see picture Nr. 2
For perfect tense of your volleyball net follow method on picture Nr. 1

Volleyball Beach

Beach volleyball net SPORT

- designed for ordinary use from middle to heavy charge and competitions of all levels

- black PE-polyethylene knotless netting, thickness of 3mm, mesh 100x100mm
- edge of net is coated all round by coloured thick PVC band of width 75mm
- band has 4x raised seams all around
- tensing lines made of either galvanized steel rope coated PVC of diam. 5mm or Kevlar rope, both of length 13,5m

- sides of nets are coated by band as a pocket and into this pocket the glass- fibre bars of thickness 10mm are inserted. These reinforcing bars with tensing points subserve for perfect tense of net. Both sides of the net are furnished with 6x tensioning eyelets with fixing locks for tensing the net properly.

Lines SPORT for Beach volleyball

- including anchorage
Dimension: 16x8m, width 50mm

- beach lines are made of woven coloured PP-polypropylene band
- lines are sewn together in each corner and furnished with eyelet so the rubber-rope loop can run through the eyelets.
- rubber-rope loops subserves as ground anchorage by anchoring steel picket or by plastic disc.

Volleyball antennae and case for antennae makes our volleyball net complete.