Industrial netting

Protection netting for waste dumps - waste fly-off prevention & fencing

Protection nets for preventing waste fly-off are an affordable and optimal solution for fencing waste dumps.

Why use nets for waste dump fencing

Nets are lightweight - Even with large surface area, there is no need to use expensive and heavy building elements.
Nets do not absorb water - During a rainy season, nets won´t get heavy.
Easy installation - In most cases, they can be self-installed without the need of expensive mechanization.
Nets are delivered in our “pack-up & hang” system - Upon request we can deliver nets with all necessary components for hanging them up including the manual.
Price - Taking into account the durability and service life of nets compared with other materials, the price is more than reasonable.

Net is only a complement of your fencing and does not prevent unauthorised entry.

Protection nets are delivered

Tailor-made - whole size or cut-to-size pieces
The size of individual pieces or of the whole netting is only limited by hanging options and manipulability
The maximal recommended net size is up to 1000 m2.
Reinforced stitched net border – selvedge edge
Upon request the netting surface can also be reinforced with sewed-in rope or cord. However, this option is not standard.
Building element dimensions should take into account fencing height and weather conditions - wind, snow. (A statics analysis is recommended.)

Do not fasten the net on individual points inside the net surface or causes tearing.
The net should be fixed only around it´s perimeter, using a 40-cm distance between each fixing point.

Net should be fixed to steel-wire ropes or to fence using:


MateriálMesh/thickness (mm)Weight/m2Colour
Polyethylene 40/20.055kg/m2Green
Polyethylene 45/30.125kg/m2Green, black
Polyethylene 70/30.085kg/m2Green, black
Polyethylene 100/30.058kg/m2Green, black
Hanging accessories
MaterialThickness (mm)Strength (kN)
Galvanized steel-wire rope3.15 
PVC coated galvanized steel-wire rope3.15/5 
Steel-wire rope clamp  
Tension screw10 
Galvanized snap-hook50 
Black UV stabilised plastic strip5x100 
PVC coated galvanized mesh clamp  
Braided cord3-4