Industrial netting

Shade and privacy netting

Shade netting - Field of use

Shade netting - Advantages

Nets are light - Even with large nets, there is no need to use expensive and heavy building elements.
Easy installation - They can be self-installed, quickly and easily and without using expensive mechanization.
“Pack-up&hang” delivery - We can deliver nets with all necessary hanging accessories.
Price - Taking into account the durability and efficacy of nets compared with other materials, the price is more than adequate.

Shade netting - Installation

Iron hanging accessories must not be rusty - oxidised.
Shade netting is not protective netting or fencing.

Shade netting - privacy screens are made of UV resistant polypropylene raschel knitted fabric with a various level of shade (density).
Shade netting - privacy screens can be provided made to measure (whole netting area size or cut-to-size pieces).
Piece size for tennis courts is 2x12 m.
The netting area surface size is limited only by its manipulability for hanging/installation.
We also offer custom-shaped netting to suit the particular space you need to cover.
PVC, sewn or rivets (iron eyelets) reinforced net border.
The netting surface area can also be reinforced. However, this option is not used very often.

How to hang and fix the netí
How you can fix the net around its perimeter

The net should be fixed around its perimeter every 40 mm or in every mesh eyelet.


Raschel monofilament polyethylene 2- or 3-mm thick net, in green or black.

Material% shadeWeight/m2Colour
Polyethylene90Green, black

Hanging accessories

MaterialThickless (mm)Weight/mStrength (kN)
Galvanized steel-wire rope3.15  
PVC coated galvanized steel-wire rope3.15/5  
Steel-wire rope clamp   
Tension screw10  
Galvanized snap-hook50  
Black UV stabilised plastic strip5x100