Industrial netting

Protection netting for containers and lorries

Essential for every forwarder

Protection netting does NOT supplement fastening systems.

Protection cargo netting - Rules of use:

Protection cargo netting - Catagories:

Disposable cargo nets


MaterialMesh/thickness (mm)Weight /m2Colour
Polypropylene10, irreguarWhite

Reusable protection cargo nets

Nets that provide 70 % shade have PVC strips reinforced border with rivets.

All these nets can be fastened to the loading area perimeter using hooks or protrusions.


Raschel monofilament polyethylene 2- or 3-mm thick net, in green or black..

MaterialMesh/thickness (mm)Weight /m2Colour
Polyethylene45/3Green, black
Polypropylene45/3, 4, 5
Polyamide40/2Bílá, black

Hanging accessories

MaterialThickness (mm)Weight /mStrength (kN)
Elastic rope6  
Elastic rope8  
Elastic rope10  
Loops - elastic rope - 40 cm length6  

Protection netting for containers and lorries

Protection cargo netting helps you keep in place lightweight cargo or cargo that can easily fly off.
It can prevent the fly-off of only low weight cargo (during transport or open-air storage).

You can not use nets to fix heavy cargo.

Net is installed using supplied elastic rope.

Recommended standard material is PE / 45-mm mesh / 3-mm thickness & elastic rope or 70 % shade netting & elastic rope