Sport nets - Tennis - Windscreens and Center tapes

Center tapes wimbledon

We classify two types of center tapes according to the way of height adjusting

Center tape wimbledon STANDARD

- PP-polypropylene band width 50mm
- with metal self-locking hinged buckle (Metal buckle adjusts the height of the band - tennis net.
- end of the band is ensured with Velcro fastener

Center tape wimbledon ECONOM

- PP-polypropylene band width 50mm
- metal eyelets on both ends of the tape for hanging the metal tensing screw.
- tensing screw adjusts the height of the band - tennis net.

Windscreens - for tennis courts

Windscreen makes your playgrounds more comfortable and it is suitable for placing your advertisements. Protect from sunshine, wind and nosy eyes.

Dimensions: length 12m, height 2m. Other dimensions are available.

- netting material is made of polypropylene rashel knitted fabric, green colour, various knitting density = shading (shading level is only approximate).
- windscreens are reinforced all round with PVC tape and furnished with brass eyelets each 40cm.
- windscreens should be attached to fencing by snap hooks or with plastic tapes.

We produce windscreens of several shading levels.

Windscreen ECONOM

Shading appr. 65%, colour: very dark green

Windscreen SPRINT

Shading appr. 75%, colour: dark green

Windscreen SPORT - suitable for printing advertisement

Shading appr. 80%, colour: pastel green

We produce any other dimensions of windscreens on order.

Accessories for windscreens:

Plastic tape - one-off
- size 5x100mm

Snap hook (carbine)
- Galvanized metal, size - 55mm

Windscreens and Center tapes