Sport nets - Golf

Training tunnels - DRIVING - cages

- serve for training batting of golf ball
- can be installed in indoor halls or outdoor
- DRIVING - cages are produced on order and we supply them as complete system "unwrap and hang", it means including steel ropes, snap hooks, clips for wire ropes and including instruction for hanging.

Composition: driving cages are sewn of polyamide netting shaped to cage of three walls and the ceiling net. Complete cage is hung on wire ropes under the ceiling. Target wall is made of special high tenacity polypropylene netting.

It is possible to equip the indoor golf hall with netting around all playground area.

Standard application of netting cage

Protective net indoor - foto
Protective net outdoor - foto

Fencing of driving cages

- these nets represent good solution for protection of outdoor areas

These nets are intended for protection of golf courts surrounding.
Nets are made from polyethylene knotless netting, mesh size 25 x 25 mm, thickness 2 mm, green colour. Polyethylene does not absorb water and is weather and UV-rays resistant.

Protective net GOLF SAFE SPECIAL

- material polypropylene, mesh 8x10mm, green
Protective net GOLF SAFE SPECIAL is suitable for target of direct hits of golf ball.
Features: very flexible and heavy duty (catching of golf balls). This net can not be tensioned when using (only freely suspended). We recommend +30% draping of net.

Golf protective net PA - polyamide

- this net is suitable for golf halls and outdoor golf courts Composition: polyamide knotless netting, white colour, mesh size 20 x 20 mm, thickness 1.5 mm
This net represents the netting for production of protective golf cages.

Golf protective net PE - polyethylene

- this net is suitable for fencing of outdoor golf courts
Composition: polyethylene knotless netting, green colour, mesh size 25 x 25 mm, thickness 2 mm. Polyethylene netting is lightweight and weather resistant, does not absorb water.
This kind of nets in not suitable for target walls.

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