Sport nets - Protective nets for discuss, ball and hammer throw

Netting and circumferential rope in accordance with standard EN 1263-1

Cage for discuss and hammer throw are made of very strong polyamide or polypropylene netting, heavy charge-resisting. Protective cage can be installed outdoor all year long, all weather resistant.

Composition: protective cage body including limiting netting doors, netting doors are made of the same material as protective cage. Netting doors limits sector of incident area.

Approximate dimensions:
1 circle - perimeter 20 - 25 m, height 4 - 6 m
2 circles - perimeter 25 - 30 m, height 4 - 6 m

Height and perimeter according to exact measures of throwing sector

- netting body are made of polyamide knotless netting, mesh size 40 x 40 mm, thickness 4 mm, white colour.
- netting body are made of polypropylene knotless netting, mesh size 45 x 45 mm, thickness 5 mm, green colour.
- upper edges and sides are reinforced by rope of thickness 8 mm
- netting cages are provided with reinforcing metal eyes in places of hanging on the columns against the rubbing and tearing
- bottom edge is loaded with 200 g lead rope.

Two usual ways of installing the netting cage:
1) When you install the cage for longer time - all year use: hang the netting cage by the rope loop reinforced by metal eyes up the columns prepared around the cage.

2) When you repeatedly hang on and hang off the netting cage: hang the netting cage by drawing braided ropes, which pass rope pulley upside the columns and by help of this ropes draw the netting cage up the columns of the throwing cage. Netting cage is connected by snap hooks with drawing ropes to make installing and dismantling easier. Drawing ropes lefts permanently on the columns.

Netting for limiting doorst

Netting doors limit sector of incident area and make area of ball impact safe.
- are made of the same material as the netting cage
- the braided cord laces netting doors to the metal construction

Netting for limiting doors