Fishing nets - Handling equipment

Long-handled dip net

The long-handled dip net is used for direct handling by one person with all kinds of captured fishes. Usually it is used for removing fishes from nets, for their transportation and for catching fishes in enclosed ground. The long-handled dip net is suitable for smaller fishes - up to 0.5 kg. However, dip nets with larger mesh sizes can be used also for handling larger fishes. The long-handled dip net consists of a triangular frame made from steel wire of 10 mm in diameter, machine made netting or hand-made netting with larger mesh sizes and of a handle of various lengths. Triangular frame is welded from steel wire with thread diameter 10 mm. A metallic sheet of cone shape with diameter 1.5 mm is connected to the frame and serves as a holder for a wooden handle. The frame has holes to which the net is mounted or whole frame is doubled in order to protect the net during friction the hand net with a ground.

PerimeterShapeWire diameterColourPlating
140cm Triangular10mm yesyes
100cm Triangular6mm noyes
Longhandled dip net netting is made from quality polyamide string.

Depth of the net is measured from the edge down to the middle bottom mesh in moderately stretched net.

MaterialMesh sizeDepth
Machine-made netting 3mm25cm
Machine-made netting 4mm25cm
Machine-made netting 6mm30cm
Machine-made netting 10mm30cm
Machine-made netting 15mm35cm